SNAKATAK and Tessa G.

We are playign 3 shows at this festival in Calgery, Alberta, CA 

(June 21,22, and 23rd) - opening for Andrew W.K. ! 

show schedule here:

A new song and karaoke - Blood - Pop - Park - Bubblegum themed video

Perfoming live on June 1st. Maybe the last time to ever see this duo together in NYC:

We are opening this show, so get there by 8:30pm this Friday so you can stand inches away from us as we awkwardly fill the room with our prance music and strange video endeavors.

COWABUNGA! Now watch this SNAKATAK and Tessa G. Promo. We suggest choosing to watch it in HD because it’s the future



SNAKATAK did this dope Zebra Katz remix featuring dogs, because ERRRYBODY love dawgs

Who the fuck are SNAKATAK and Tessa G. ?

Tessa G. is playing hooky from the glitter-slut electro gang known as TAYISHA BUSAY. Since she ran off with SNAKATAK as her party ditching crony, she’s immersed herself in nothing but simple synthesizers, 4 on the floor beats, and lots of red-bull-vodka’s with slices of cheesecake on the side. 

SNAKATAK’s laser focused prancefloor hits are mined from a vault hiddendeep underground in the year 1798. Mixed, mashed, and smashed, he keeps prance music alive and bumping for generations to come.

Together, “SNAKATAK and Tessa. G” have created a weird, inviting, and often interactive live performance that features music from their Brooklyn bands, “Great Tiger” and “Tayisha Busay”, as well as some sweaty new electronic prance songs to enjoy. To boot, there’s communal bubble wrap, 3D glasses, and strange looks being given out at every show. Nobody knows who invited this weird duo to the party, but most people seem to be glad they came. 

Contact them:

SNAKATAK and Tessa G. Just raising the fuckin’ roof.

SNAKATAK and Tessa G. Just raising the fuckin’ roof.